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i'm a UIUC graduate with a degree in Psychology but i'm pursuing a modeling career instead. i write very seldomly now, and tell lame jokes constantly, and explore the mind when i can figure out how and can muster the energy. i am in the beginning stages of a brand new identity crisis.

No Future/No Past (by Ferrin McGinness)

I had a photo shoot for IMPULSE Magazine - The University of Illinois’s lifestyle and society magazine! It was so much fun!



This isn’t the clothing for the shoot (it’s secret until the issue comes out at the end of November) but this is what I wore TO the shoot - what I wore that day.

I got the suspenders, my favorite part of the outfit, at a Halloween store on clearance after the holiday was over. I LOVE buying Halloween costume pieces to wear everyday.

(Also! I’m still wearing my TEAL lipstick from the shoot. How rad is that!)


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