i'm a UIUC graduate with a degree in Psychology but i'm pursuing a modeling career instead. i am in the beginning stages of a brand new identity crisis. i gotta figure some shit out.

I took a Myers-Briggs just now, for good measure. INFP, yep. I was even certain as I was filling it out “welp this is gonna be the time it changes I’m gonna have to redefine myself”. But nah. INFP.


*wants to work hard and be financially stable*

*wants to create art and be beautiful and social for a living*

Anonymous asked: would you sleep with any of your followers? which ones if ya


lol okay.  As it seems we’re strictly speaking of those who follow me and not vice versa… 

sassafras-manson, obv
tangledupinblue8 wants to have a 3way with my dentist and i’m down
storyproblems for old time’s sake
youthnatas is local ;)
lilflightyfox because she’s beautiful and i’d like to make her smile

And I’m just recognizing how strange of a question this is so I’m gonna stop before I start listing the babes I’ve never actually spoken with.

ooo baby~*